Metal Sheet coils processing machines
Band saw blade machines for log sawing machines


  • Uncoiling line for laser system

Electronic feeder with rollers and clamps Mod. AERP1015 and uncoiling reel with double mandrel Mod. SD2010ME.

This line automatically serves a laser machine so that metal sheet in coils can be used.
This line consists of:
a double uncoiling reel, electronic feeder with clamps and brake, to pull the metal sheet taut under the laser cutting area, complete with forks for unloading the sheets detached from the coil, with cut and micro-joined shapes.

Technical features:
- Width of coil - min / max = 250 : 1000 [mm]
- Length of pitch - min/max = 500: 1500 [mm]
- Thickness of metal section - min /max = 0,1 : 1
- Coil material = stainless steel steel/tinplate/pickled steel C67